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50 Instagram Prompts

October 16, 2019

Do you ever get writers fatigue trying to figure out what to post to your Instagram? You have the photos, but what exactly do you say that can drive growth and engagement? Having a list of Instagram prompts can help when trying to schedule your Instagram posts, especially when you have writer’s block. The best thing about this list is that it can be easily duplicated to cover posts in both your feed or Instagram stories.

Here’s a list of 50 Instagram prompts to help you overcome writer’s block.

Instagram prompts for vintage rental companies

#Hashtag Days

  1. #MondayBlues sharing an inventory piece in the color blue.
  2. [Rental] #TipTuesday is great to share rental tips such as how to repurpose rentals during the wedding, how to style a dessert table, and creating an inviting lounge for guests.
  3. #TablescapeTuesday can be used if you carry tabletop decor. It’s a great way to share your previous designs or weddings giving inspiration to your audience.
  4. #TransformationTuesday can be used to show a before and after of a venue (using the carousel feature). Start with the “after” (because it’s more eye-catching).
  5. #TrendyTuesday is to showcase the latest decor trends.
  6. #WeddingWednesday could be a helpful tip, inspirational wedding photo or even a special promotion you’re running.
  7. #ThirstyThursday is for sharing your favorite drink or bar displays.
  8. #ThrowbackThursday (or #FlashbackFriday) is always fun as you take a stroll through memory lane sharing photos from years past.
  9. #FridayIntroductions aren’t just for introducing yourself. It’s a great opportunity to share a new piece from your inventory. Better yet, use the carousel feature on Instagram and show the piece in 3-5 different settings or ways.
  10. #FunnyFriday can show your less formal, humorous side as you share a funny photo from a wedding or even a GIF or meme about weddings.
  11. #SelfieSaturday can be a selfie of yourself working in the warehouse or onsite at a wedding. Better yet, snap one of you and your client (get permission to post first).
  12. #SelfCareSunday (or #StressFreeSunday) is equally as important for you as it is for your audience planning their wedding. Share stress-reducing tips or how you practice self-care.
  13. #SundayVibes is a chill way to wrap up the week sharing a moody image from a wedding full of all the good vibes.
Instagram day prompt using #tablescapetuesday

Other Instagram Prompts

  1. Share a GIF of a styled lounge grouping starting with a rug and slowly adding each component (through the final image).
  2. Show an inventory item 3 ways (IE: one sofa, three ways) using the carousel feature.
  3. Share a great photo from a recent wedding or styled shoot.
  4. Announce a new feature in a wedding blog or magazine.
  5. Highlight a client testimonial.
  6. Share a photo from your favorite venue and explain why you enjoy working there (and be sure to tag the venue!).
  7. Write some fun facts about yourself with a recent headshot or BTS photo.
  8. Post about holidays and wish your followers a good day.
  9. Post about obscure holidays, like #NationalDessertDay or #NationalSiblingsDay.
  10. Share a love quote with a beautiful image.
  11. Share a new blog post.
  12. Share resources such as wedding songs or favorite wedding books, websites or magazines.
  1. Share a promotion you’re running.
  2. Q&A publicly answering questions from your clients.
  3. Behind-the-scenes of you working in the warehouse or what a typical day looks like for you.
  4. Share a video or photo of your favorite place to source new inventory.
  5. Do a “Caption This” with a funny picture from one of your events or a picture of yourself doing something weird.
  6. Give a shout-out to one of your favorite wedding vendors.
  7. Post a “this or that” question to get your audiences feedback.
  8. Share a DIY tutorial of you making something such as a custom backdrop, hand-lettering, or napkin fold.
  9. Introduce the team behind your business.
  10. Share a sneak peek of something you’re working on, such as new fabric for a sofa upholstery project.

Questions to Drive Engagement

Engagement questions are questions that you post to get your audience responding and engaging with your profile. This is important from a growth perspective but it also shows you care about your audience and are personable (especially when you respond to comments). You can use the answers to help understand more about your target market, their pain points, interests, and to help create blog posts.

  1. How did you know that your significant other was “the one”?
  2. How did you and your partner meet?
  3. How did you pick your wedding song (venue, wedding date, etc.)?
  4. In the comments below, post a GIF that best describes your wedding theme.
  5. How did you finally decide on the colors for your wedding?
  6. Tell us the exciting place you are going for your honeymoon? Can I come along?
  7. What are your best wedding tips for soon-to-be brides/grooms? Comment below.
  8. How would you describe your style? Classic? Glam? Bohemian?
  9. Wedding hair: all up, all down or half up half down?
  10. Garter toss, yay or nay?
  11. How many bridesmaids are too many?
  12. Be honest, how long have you secretly been planning this wedding?
  13. Tell us how your proposal went down…
  14. In the comments below post a GIF that describes how you are feeling about the wedding planning process.
  15. Who is your maid of honor? Tag them below…
Instagram prompts for specialty rental companies

Do you have other Instagram prompts that have been successful? If so, share them in the comments below!

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