I'm Lane'. Award-winning specialty rental business owner turned business strategist.

When I founded my first wedding business, I was basically throwing darts at random targets, crossing my fingers and toes that THIS thing or THAT thing would help me run and expand my company. 

And not only that, it took me an uncomfortably long chunk of time to stop comparing myself to my competition and just step into my bona fide self and own it like the head bitch in charge I knew I could be.

And now? Something Borrowed is a big idea gone national and under new ownership. Yep, you heard right! I sold that fun and wildly successful company for SIX FIGURES. Enough to fund my designer shoe addiction!

I became a self-made expert who had her shit together.

What makes me a successful entrepreneur and highly effective specialty rental business mentor?

I’m a serial volunteer in the community - watching other people’s personal growth is everything. In 2008, I spent 6 months providing ESL tutoring to an African refugee family. The mom spoke no English, she couldn't drive, and had 5 kids. Fast-forward 3 years when I ran into her at the grocery store - she had driven herself and her children there to shop, and because she could speak English she had gained her independence...

This was the single most humbling and rewarding experience of my life. To see someone with drive, determination and tenacity MAKE IT. This taught me about coaching: the power of community and the gift of lifting another human up so they can reach their highest potential.

I grew up in a remote Eskimo village in Alaska where we had to hunt, grow, and gather our food if we wanted to survive. This taught me the basics of becoming a badass business maven: being disciplined, persevering when things get rough, and showing up - even when I don’t want to.

I was a nude model in my 20s, even though I had low self-esteem. This taught me about setting myself apart in business: to “fuck your fears and dare to be different” by expressing myself in a way that made me feel confident, beautiful, powerful, and unique. 

And perhaps my favorite claim to fame - Intel made a life-sized cardboard cutout of me made to showcase my dedication as a volunteer role model. My work there taught me about running things: when you’re in a position of leadership, you HAVE to be organized with processes and systems in place if you want to be effective.

The best launchpad for success?

Take that chance and dare to be different

(but first...you gotta know your stuff)

I work with specialty rental owners who want help building, running, and growing their business.

Why? Because I’ve made the mistakes so you don’t have to. When I was where you are, every damn day I wished I had someone who could have trained and guided me in the areas where I needed help (which was everywhere). 

I hustled, fretted, failed, picked myself back up (a million times over), learned, wasted money on crappy courses, learned some more, failed some more, until finally (after 4 long years) I became a self-made expert who had her stuff together and duck kabobs in a row.

More than anything, I want to be the one who helps you step into your role of CEO as you take total control of your wedding business.

my story


I’m a successful business owner with high-level experience, and I am a coach graduate from an accredited institution. 

I’m a 6-time winner of the “best of” and “couples' choice” vendor by WeddingWire and Oregon Bride Magazine.

I’m an industry insider, notorious achiever, and someone who wants to pass industry secrets on to you and you and you.

I’m a published expert, featured in: Huffington Post, Reuters, Wedding Planner Magazine, Wedding IQ, Special Events, Wedding Business Magazine, GoodShuffle and more.

What makes me uniquely qualified?

Lane' is an excellent teacher & mentor in the wedding coaching world. She's helped me with everything from styling ideas to contracts & how to value myself as a wedding professional & business owner.

Emily G., Renown Rentals, St. Louis, Missouri

Image Credit: Maria Lamb

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