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How to Get the Most Out of a Conference

The slow down from the wedding season signals the start of industry conferences and events. Conferences are a great way to expand your knowledge as well as network with others, but maybe you feel nervous meeting others or don’t know how to determine your outcomes. Fear not, I’ve got your back with tips on how […]


Sales & Marketing

Determining When to Hire Your First Employee

Are you thinking about when to hire your first employee? Maybe you’re drowning in busy work, or you’re working 12-14 hour days, 7 days a week (like I was). You undoubtedly need someone to help take some of the pressure off but you’re uncertain what their job description should be, or how many hours they […]


Leadership & Personnel

Charging a Rental Minimum

I’ve been asked a couple of times from vintage and specialty rental companies if they should be charging a rental minimum so I thought I’d pop into the blog-o-sphere and answer the question. When you’re first getting started you likely will take on any and all clients that inquire about your rentals. You’re also likely […]



7 Best Business Books for Wedding Pros

A couple of years ago I set a goal for myself to read a book a month. This is my way of challenging myself and making learning a priority. In fact, when I was growing up I would tease and say if I could be a full-time student, I would! To share some of what […]


Leadership & Personnel

How to Green Your Wedding Business

You are probably aware of ways to promote an environmentally friendly wedding, but if you’re not doing things in your own wedding business to promote sustainability you could be missing the mark. As a certified Master Recycler with the City of Portland, and earning a Gold Sustainability at Work certification in Portland, I wanted to […]


General News

Time Blocking In Your Rental Company

Owning a boutique rental company often means you’re left not only being the owner but also the salesperson, marketing guru, bookkeeper, dishwasher, and furniture schlepper. So finding time to tackle your task list may seem impossible. Which is why I wanted to share one of my favorite productivity tips: time blocking. Time blocking is quite […]