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Sales Tips for Introverts

October 23, 2019

Would it come as a surprise to you if I said we’re all salespeople? Yup, it’s true. Every time you have a prospective client in a consultation, you’re making a sales pitch. Every time you send an email or write a social media post, you’re making a sales pitch. Every time you write a newsletter, you’re making a sales pitch. 

And you’re probably pretty good at it, too, or you wouldn’t be where you are today, would you? So why do we continue to think we’re so bad at sales? Here are a few sales tips for introverts to help get you over the hurdle.

Sales Feels “Icky”

I hear this one a lot. You feel pushy or uncomfortable when talk turns to money. You don’t want to force anyone into a decision. You secretly think your prices are too high. 

I’m going to be honest with you. This is one of those things that gets better only with practice. But the good news is, you don’t have to be on the phone with a prospective client to get that practice time in. 

Instead, use this technique: Look in the mirror and talk to yourself. Practice saying your pricing out loud. Practice your segue from consultation to sales pitch. The more you do it, the more natural it will sound, and the less uncomfortable you will feel when on a real call.

Fix Your Mindset

What if you weren’t selling anything, but instead were simply chatting with a friend about the incredible new service that was going to change her life? You’re helping your friend to improve herself by sharing your experience with this new offering.

That’s exactly how you should think about selling your wedding services. You’re not trying to get your prospective client to spend money. Instead, you’re offering a solution to his or her problems. You’re genuinely helping her to overcome some pain points with their wedding.

When you can turn your thinking around from “sales” to “helping” you’ll find it’s much easier to have the sales talk.

Don’t Be Afraid of the Follow Up

Most prospective clients won’t say yes with the first meeting, and maybe not even with the second. Many sales can be closed if you simply take the time to follow up. Send a quick email and invite your prospect to:

  • Schedule a follow-up call to answer their questions.
  • Read some of your testimonials.
  • Share your most recent work such as a look book.

Don’t let that old “I’m not good at sales” thinking get in the way of growing your wedding business and your profits. With these easy sales tips for introverts, you can quickly turn your sales consultations into a system for landing new clients consistently.

Need help with your sales strategy?

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